Hey everyone. I won’t bore you with any useless information so I’ll get write down to the point. What you can expect to see on my blog are free writes that will be entertaining in many ways. You may get a laugh out of a topic I go into or you may be interested in keeping up what happens next in my short story sections. That’s right folks, I’ll be diving into my cataclysm of an imagination and sharing that with you (for free nonetheless). Aren’t you excited? I know I am. Wait. I promised myself I wouldn’t give away any information about myself here openly in this particular post….That’s why you have to check out the About Me Section at the top of the page here so you can see how cool of a person this beginner blogger truly is. Here’s what you can expect in a nutshell.

  • Short fictional/nonfictional stories every week!
  • Exciting life events and travels (not very often).
  • Important life topics like why are their Jedis when Sith Lords can do the force choke.
  • Pretty much anything to do with words will show face here at some point.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope I can sway you to come by again. If you like anything you read or hate anything you read, please feel free to share that in a comment somewhere on the page. If you like to make this really personal, then we can always step out back. By step out back I mean you hit the back button as many times as it takes to get your sensitive ass off my blog!

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