Sleeping on Xmas Day

I’m behind the curve, but I love what I do so I’ll take this free time to finish out this week as promised. It starts with this post.

Got no time to waste! Right into we go!

The concept of Christmas and such holidays are very one dimensional, I think. If you look pass the glam and decor of it, you’ll see that it’s bound to us by tradition, mostly.

Embedded in that tradition is the secret agenda of making money. Each holiday is geared around spending more money than normal to line the pockets of corporate.

While I like to think I’m woke, I’m still a slave to the old. Knowing I should teach my kids the story of the Bible and put a Christmas tree up when it’s not practical to do so when logic comes into play. Breaking those habits and forming my own tradition about God will be a difficult task.

How do you feel about it though? Will you spend the rest of your days locked into empty traditions of spending and consuming?

Or will we ride above it and start anew?


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