Stars in You

You look at the sky on at a moonless midnight. The darkness only give way to a few twinkled scattered light. If you study those lights you’ll see closer inside. One of those stars are connecting you to a universal tide. Where spirit are celestial beings of in infinity. Hear me out and seek the truth that was meant for thee. A third exist in all of us connecting two realms. One you live in and the other shut like a pearl in a clam. Open it to feel what you knew all along. The deeper meaning to existence where you belong.

One thought on “Stars in You

  1. Amazing, Anthony. There so much truth in your words. Focusing on the twinkling and connecting with it brings us into the moment and we begin to align with all that is, with creation itself. A clearly feeling like a part of everything and at the same time, like everything is part of us. Thank you for this post, Anthony!

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